Boston Mini Marathon

We had a good turnout for the Boston Mini-Marathon this past weekend, and we’d like to recognize the following people who were involved:

First off, thanks to Wynona and Dana for providing a lot of good stuff for breakfast. The “Tailgate” makes it worth getting up really early!

The stations involved this year were: KF4HSM, KJ4GWB, KJ4KUJ, KJ4GON, KK4HYB, KW4EF, KK4DZB, KJ4UKR, KE4RWR, KJ4HVN, KC4LYC, KJ4KUK, WK4WK, Matt (where’s that callsign Matt ?), WD4CJI, KA3FZO, and KE4FGF.

Thanks to all who took part!!…Great Job!!

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