2013 TARC Officers

A new slate of officers for 2013 was presented at the November meeting. They were:

President – Mike Brown, KE4FGF

Vice President – John Swicord, KE4RWR

VP-Special Events – Dana Swicord, KJ4GWB

Secretary – Leann Doering, KK4HYB

Treasurer – Bobby Cooper, N4KXL

Newsletter Editor – Buddy Peeples, WD4CJI

The members present voted to close the nominations and take a final vote on this group. The result was unanimous, so this is your Officer Team for 2013.

Wynona, KF4HSM, elected to step aside because she has a lot of demands on her time, and didn’t feel she was giving her position enough time. We thank her for her long time service in this and other positions.


2013 TARC Officers — 1 Comment

  1. I would like to thank Wynona for all she has done for the club and it’s members, and hope she keeps coming to the meetings. My congrats to the old and new officers of the club and wish them well in their service to the Thomasville Amateur Radio (Family) Club. A well done and here’s to continued sucess for all.

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