KJ4UKR – 2012 HOTY!!

I want to thank  the TARC Radio Family once again for the honor I received last night at the meeting.

I realize there were other people deserving of this as well, but for me to receive the honor was awesome.

Thank you to all the members again and I will try to uphold the standards expected of this honor for the upcoming year and beyond. 

Merry Christmas and 73,

Steve, KJ4UKR   


KJ4UKR – 2012 HOTY!! — 1 Comment

  1. Congratulations Steve!

    You are very deserving OM and we wish you lots of fun in your future
    ham activities. You have done an outstanding job in Grady County and you deserve the Ham of the Year Award alone for this activity. Plus your help with the VE program is outstanding.

    Terry, N0TW

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