Grady ARES Antenna Test

Hi All,

Today at 12:00 noon we had the Grady County ARES Network Antenna Test.  The first question was “Do we have a network?”  It was found that the answer is “Yes, we do have a network.”

The second question was, “Can we pass radio traffic to other stations and outside areas on 2-Meter Simplex?”  The answer to that one is, “Yes we can, but might have to relay to some parts of the county.”

I would like to thank the following for taking their time to help with this test.  And they are:

Dewey Rykard- KI4RGD. Dewey acted as Net Control from Station #2 in Cairo and did a great job.

Dan Farnsworth- KF4WF at Station #5 (Reno).

Bill and Dawn Kitchens- KW4EF & KJ4KUJ at Station #6 (Pine Park).

John Swicord- KE4RWR at Station #7 (Whigham).

Mike Brown- KE4FGF at Station #8 (Pine Level).

Virgil Castleberry-KJ4ZNK at Station #9 (Beachton).  Virgil was mobile only.

Steve Williams-KJ4UKR at Station#11 (Spence).

We also had some folks from outside the county who gave signal reports and comments. We want to thank them as well.  And they are:

Lowell Rieger-NY4D in Merrillville, GA.

Terry Webb-N0TW in Monticello, FL.

Pete Donovan-N4ETA in Thomasville, GA.

Wally Guynn-KJ4KUK.  Wally was monitoring in his mobile down in Tallahassee and gave a verbal report at the meeting.

That tells us that the footprint of our system extends a good distance out there.

A well deserved thank you goes out to each and everyone who took part.  The unselfish giving of their time will not go unnoticed.  Thank you all again for helping make Grady County one of the front runners in ARES for the State of Georgia.

Steve E. Williams; KJ4UKR

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