Hamfest Test Session Results

Four people showed up for testing at the annual TARC Tailgate Hamfest on Saturday, and all 4 left with CSCEs in hand. They were:

Marilyn Webb, KK4HHL, New Extra
Denise Marshall – New Technician
Gary McGehee, KK4OAH, New General
Spencer Cullen, WB4VDM, New Extra

Congratulations to these fine folks!!


Hamfest Test Session Results — 2 Comments

  1. I was pleased and impressed with the VEs conducting the exams. They were knowledgeable and precise, making sure we had all the I’s and T’s dotted and crossed. They were cordial and friendly which went a long way to reduce the tension of taking the exam. My hat’s off to all of you! 73, Spencer

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