Field Day is coming!


Field Day is right around the corner. Mark your calendars for June 22nd-23rd. We’ll be setting up antennas on Friday June 21st, right after the Ragchew Breakfast.

If you haven’t let Dana know how many are coming with you and what side dish you’re bringing for supper, she needs to know NOW. Contact her at or

We’ll be operating a “Three Foxtrot” class station this year, meaning we have 3 stations: HF Voice, CW, and Digital. We will also operate a GOTA (Get On The Air) station for folks who aren’t licensed, or aren’t familiar enough with HF operations to just jump in.

TARC events are family friendly, so don’t leave husbands, wives, grandparents, or kids behind.

On-air operations start at 2pm on Saturday and end 24 hours later at 2pm Sunday. We need PLENTY of operators to keep the stations up and running…in other words…WE NEED YOU!!

You do not have to be a TARC member to attend, and any visitors wanting to know more about Amateur Radio are welcome and encouraged to attend. We’ll help you get started.

Our VEs will have a test session at 10am, followed by a “Fire House Chili Dog” lunch, then a class on how to properly operate a Field Day station at 1pm, and then the 24 hour sprint starts at 2pm.

Supper will be at 6pm and will feature William’s famous barbecue pork. Again, let Dana know if you’re coming at the links above. we want to be sure you and your family don’t leave hungry!

A great time will be had by all so make your plans to join us now…we ALL look forward to seeing you there!


Field Day is coming! — 1 Comment

  1. A big thanks to NOTW!
    and all rest of the crew.
    The COMM Trailer looks Very Nice.

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