Field Day Totals

Here’s a quick look at the early totals for this years FD Exercise.

5496 score + 1410 bonus = 6906 total points
Last year’s total was 4420 with one more station (we were 4F)

Stats: QSOs
CW – 803
Digital 127
HF Phone 781
GOTA 107

Bonus Points
Last year we ended with 1450, this year 1410…..but last year we got one more 100 point score for emergency power because of the extra Phone station.
Missed bonus points were for natural power, elected official, and satellite.
We had 3 hams young enough for the youth bonus, so we only got 60 of the available 100.
200 points of GOTA bonus made up for some of that.

All in all, a great outing and a nice score. Congrats to all who worked hard all weekend!

73, Lowell

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