August Classes – Final Tally

We had a great time at the classes for the last two weeks, and they were crowned with great success!

Please welcome the following people when you hear them on the air:

Robert Whitworth (age 85!) – new Tech – KK4TOB
Tom Monahan – new Tech on week 1, new General on week 2 – KK4TOC
Rachel Spence – new Tech – KK4TSE
Terry Roberts – new Tech – KK4TSD
Udella Spicer – new Tech – KK4TSC
Jordan Sirmans (age 11!) – new Tech – KK4TSF
Jeff Powell – new Tech – KK4TSB
Claudia Anderson – new Tech – KK4TSA
Jason Crawford – new Tech – KK4TRZ
Gene Mathis – new Tech – KK4TRY
Lynelle Alligood, KJ4VHM – new Extra and new VE!

We’ve got a number of others (there were 35 people in the Tech class alone!) that are still working on their studies, and will take a test later. And, the other new VE is John, KE4RWR.

A hearty “Congratulations” to all these fine folks!!!


August Classes – Final Tally — 1 Comment

  1. Way to go!! Great job to all the new Techs and upgrades, and to the instructors that were able to translate it so it all made sense.


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