SET Planning Session

CQ, CQ, ARES Members,

We’ll be gathering at the Thomas County EOC on Sept. 21st for a planning session on what we’ll be doing locally for the 2013 Simulated Emergency Test (SET). That exercise is scheduled for Oct. 5th.

This meeting will start at 12pm, immediately following a TARC Test Session. This meeting is also open to anyone interested in ARES, and to new Hams.

In addition to planning, we’ll also be working on getting ready to pass traffic with various digital modes. If you’re just getting started, we’ll do our best to help you get things up and running, so bring your computer and sound card device with you.

If you’re new to Amateur Radio and want to see some of the gear and ask questions, you’re also welcome to attend. If you’ve just bought a radio and are having some problems getting it up and running, we’ll help you there too. Be sure and bring your operating manual.

The EOC is locate at 1202 Remington Avenue, and be sure to park in the back. we hope to see you there!

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