Field Day Results

The final count is in and once again, our club accounted for itself very well in the 2013 Field Day exercise. Nationally, here’s the top 5 in class 3F:

1 K2NJ 14,500 3F 3970 2 W2CG NNJ  21
2 N4FR 9,188 3F 2,956 2 W4SQD TN 100
3 WA5JRS 7,970 3F 2,870 2 WJ5E NTX 24
4 K7RDG 7,328 3F 1,644 2 W7SVD AZ 40
5 W4UCJ 6,906 3F 1,818 2 NY4D GA 46

Additionally, our score was good for #6 overall in Georgia, and in class 3F, we were #1 in both Georgia, and the Southeast Division.

That’s really good as this class is a lot tougher than 4F. Congratulations to all who participated!!


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