Tornado Drill Update

The Wednesday Feb 5th Statewide Tornado Drill was cancelled due to weather conditions elsewhere in the state. The Drill is rescheduled for Friday 2/7/14.

Please plan to participate in a local net in your area and also in the Statewide Net on 3.975 MHz LSB which will start at 8:30 AM.

 The Southwest District ARES VHF net will be held on the KE4URL repeater…145.170 MHz, negative offset, with a PL tone of 141.3.beginning at 9:00 AM.

February 3-7, 2014 is Severe Weather Awareness Week for the state of Georgia. Severe weather is no stranger to the state and in 2013, there were 17 tornadoes across Georgia.

This week is a prime opportunity to learn about severe weather, actions to take when severe weather strikes and review your families preparedness plan as each day is dedicated to a different topic that addresses severe weather preparedness.

This year, the topics to be covered include:

Monday – Family Preparedness
Tuesday – Thunderstorm Safety
Wednesday – Tornado Safety (Tornado Drill)
Thursday – Lightning Safety
Friday – Flooding

Highlight of the week: The statewide tornado drill is Wednesday – February 5th. A special test message will be issued around 9:00 am on NOAA Weather Radio.

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