Field Day 2014

Thomasville Amateur Radio Club Field Day 2014 will be held June 28 and 29. As in the past the site will be the Thomas County EOC on Remington Avenue in Thomasville, GA. Click this link to see a google map of the location. There is also a map to the location is below.

Setup will either be Friday morning after breakfast at the Seminole Wind, or Saturday morning. We are attempting to make this a fun, family event as this is what our club is all about. At this point we are planning at least two stations plus the GOTA station. No one has volunteered to handle digital or CW at this point and if no one does those stations will be not run this year.
The club wishes to make this event one of fun and learning, going back to what the TARC name always stood for.

If you are interested, let us know so we can help you get situated. The camper trailer will not be used as it is in need of further repairs at this time. So all operating will be inside in airconditioned comfort.

Discussion was held regarding the lunch, which usually involved hot dogs as well as dinner, being comprised of Boston Pork Butt and Barbecue Chicken. Several options are being explored for reduction of labor and efforts of members who have done it all in the past.

A list was passed around and those in attendance specified what would be brought as side dishes. The club will take care of incidentals as in the past. Please contact and let Dana, KJ4GWB know via email  at if you are planning to attend and with additional counts and food items. More information to follow as available.

There will be a test session at Field Day at 10am.

You may need to click on the map below to see the detail.

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