Repeater Updates

Work is almost complete on the Thomas County EOC Repeater System.

The new frequency for the VHF machine is operating at 145.370 minus .600, with a PL of 141.3.

The UHF machine is now operating at 442.600 plus 5.00, with a PL of 141.3.

Work is being done on the VHF duplexer and will be completed shortly.

Already a noticeable improvement is shown with the retuning and tweaking.

Boston machine is next on the schedule.

As for the 147.195 Metcalf machine we will be voting at the next meeting to purchase a new Yaesu machine system for the site.

A small overall investment will greatly improve coverage and reliability. We are waiting to hear from TV 6 for final confirmation for the entire project including new antennas.

Thanks for your patience.

Gary, KA3FZO

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