April Repeater Updates

We spent some time at the Boston Repeater site yesterday, Monday 4/13/2015.
We tested the Antenna, feed line, duplexer and transmitter.
For those that understand what it all means…
Antenna, a Sinclair Commercial 136 – 174 VHF, 4 dipole vertical antenna, with about an 8 db gain, at 273′…. the VSWR at our operating frequency was almost flat. The antenna is pointed towards Thomasville off the tower.
Feed line, 1/2″ hardline, showed no problems or discrepancies for its length to the antenna from the cabinet. We will be replacing jumper cables between transmitter, duplexer and antenna hardline.
Duplexer, a Sinclair Q 201G model, showed about a 2 db loss, which is about normal for a 4 can set. 
The repeater, is an Icom RP-1520 repeater. The repeater is on loan from a couple of club members. There is about 23 watts coming out of the duplexer going to the antenna.
The new Yaesu DR1X repeater will replace this machine when it arrives.
More updates as we progress with the work.
As for the Metcalf Repeater work, this will be a complete redo.
“Be proud of this site… Do any of you realize the Metcalf Tower is the “Worlds 2nd Tallest Tower”?
The second Yaesu DR1X repeater will go on this site along with the new 4 dipole vertical antenna, similar to the antenna at Boston,  about the 1000′ platform.
Plans are still being discussed regarding whether to add a rack mount amp to make the site equal to the power out of the old GE machine.
In doing so we can run the repeater at lesser power thus extending the life, and drive the amp to the wanted 100 watts. Which was in our original plans. We are hoping to not have to worry about the system for along time once this work is done.
Attached is a brochure on the new machine for anyone to enjoy and see what we are buying.
This is all within the stated budget and when all gear is ready for the install will be given to Nirmal, KE4URL who is responsible for the climb arrangements on the tower.
Thanks for your patience.
Gary, KA3FZO

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