2015 Field Day Report

While we had a smaller than normal turnout but a great time and spirited time was had by all present. We ran 3-Alpha, from the Barwick Community Center in Barwick, GA, having four stations available for operation including the GOTA Station.

The stations consisted of Alan Slaughter, KG4GAV in charge of the digital station on his TS-990, Jimmy Jones, KK4ZYC was in charge of the GOTA station operating his FT-857, Bobby Moody, W4WSZ,
ran the club’s TS-480SAT, and Ralph, WA2OGN and Bud, AB0UD were in charge of the remaining station, using Ralph’s Icom.

We had many operators throughout the period including several recently licensed hams making their first contacts. One of the brightest note I think was when we had a several hams who had been licensed for several years finally made their first ever HF contacts and got a real introduction to Amateur Radio.

To make sure I don’t forget anyone, here is a list of those who helped with setup and helped make the TARC Field day a success: Bud AB0UD, Ralph WA2OGN, Bob W4WSZ, Alan KG4GAV, Gerald KJ4CQO, Steve KD4YUS, Jimmy KK4ZYC, Daniel KK4ZYB, Wally KJ4KUK, Landon KI4QVZ, Stewart KJ4GOJ, Paul N7SDQ, Virgil KJ4ZNK, and Russell KF4GBS were all on hand, as well as some non hams (who were there to just help out and learn about our hobby) to help put up antennas and run feed
lines and in general helped get the 4 stations on the air.

All the operators and workers were provided with food and drink during the period including hot dogs, chips and potato salad. For dinner we had steaks and baked potatoes on the grill served with baked beans. Jimmy Jones cooked bacon, eggs and grits for Sunday morning breakfast.

To the cooks and those that helped provide food for the operational event.. Thanks!!!! All in all I think we all had a great and successful day.

The VE Team, headed by Alan, KG4GAV, conducted testing starting about 11:00 Saturday morning with those testing being successful!

73 de Gary KA3FZO

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