Repeater Updates

Work on the Boston Machine continues. It is a slow work in progress, but almost complete. As for the Metcalf machine, all I can tell you is truthfully we do not know. We are at the mercy of the system that controls the climbs on the tower. We are being told when a climb is scheduled our old stuff will be brought down. When a climb is scheduled our new stuff will be put into place. Since the repeater has been off the air this long, we will wait and keep looking at other options. Your suggestions are welcomed. Gary KA3FZO


Repeater Updates — 1 Comment

  1. Gary,KA3FZO, is the 147.195 machine going to be Digital as well as analog.
    In Tallahassee we have a 444.800 repeater that is both.
    Thanks for all your work.
    A lot of us missed the 147.195 nets.

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