Field Day Schedule

Are YOU ready for Field Day next weekend? The time is here!

We have a busy schedule set for the weekend:

Friday – Breakfast at 8:30am at What A Burger and Antenna Set-up follows at 10am

9am – Radio Station Set-up
10am – Test Session
12pm – Lunch (on your on)
1pm – Operations Class (how to operate, logging procedures, call sign exchanges)
2pm – 24 hour On-Air event begins
6pm – Supper

2pm On-Air operations end
Clean up EOC and take down antennas, recover station logs

If you haven’t let Jimmy,Andy, John or Daniel know you’re coming for Field Day, there’s still time. The Captains are also looking for ops to run the stations for the entire 24 hours. They are:
Jimmy, KK4ZYC – Pesident
Andy, NX4AC – Antenna Farmer
John, KM4BOM – Food Manager
Daniel, KN4QWO – Radio and Network Manager

We will be “3-Foxtrot” class, which is three stations at an EOC. The call signs used will be AA4P HF voice, CW, and Digital, and the GOTA Station will be W4UCJ. 

Everyone should take the Operations class at 1pm, particularly new operators. Daniel and others will be teaching you how to operate on HF, how to properly log contacts, and what the exchanges are all about. If you’re feeling “mic-shy,” this class will help you get over that. You’ll be ready to “Get On The Air.”

We’re operating from the Thomas County Emergency Services Center, located at 1202 Remington Avenue. It’s co-located with the Remington Fire Station. Please use the back parking lot, as the front of the building is closed on weekends. A map to the site can be had here:

We hope you and your family will join us for this event. TARC strives to be family friendly at all our events. If you’re new to the hobby, this is a good chance to see what some of the gear looks like, and to learn more about how to properly operate on the air…and its FUN!!

We all hope to see YOU and your family there!

NX4AC – Andy

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