The TARC Boneyard

If you have gear you’re looking to part with, get a description and price together and email to,


Buster Lanter of LANTER COMMUNICATIONS has donated his shop’s contents to the club. Now, understand,  we are still in the process of moving the materials to another location and do not yet know the full list of items to be made available. We are cataloging as time allows and will place ads for these materials on any and all market systems.  any ads will run 30 days or until items are sold. Most will be local pickup only or you ARRANGE AND PAY for transport. All items are as they are with no warranty. That means if you pay for something, its yours even if you are not 100% satisfied.

More details to follow shortly and the methods of payment are finalized. So, until we get an index of items hang on and know that some things are coming your way!

TARC in no way warrants or represents any equipment that is advertised.


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