Georgia Net Directory

Georgia ARES Net 3.975 Sun. 6:00 PM
Georgia Baptist Ham Net 3.865 Sun. 4:00 PM
Georgia Cracker Net 3.995 Mon. – Sat. 7:00 AM
Georgia Cracker Net 3.995 Sun. 8:00 AM
Georgia Masonic Net 3.975 Sat. 9:00 AM
Georgia SSB Net 3.975 Daily (winter) 6:00 PM
Georgia SSB Net 3.975 Daily (summer) 7:00 PM
Georgia State Net 3.549 Daily 7:00 PM
Georgia State Net 3.549 Daily 10:00 PM
Georgia Traffic Net 3.9875 Mon. -  Sat. 1:00 PM
SW District HF Weather Net 3.975 3rd Thur. of the month 7:30 PM following the GA SSB Net
Albany ARC 2 Meter Net 146.82 – (110.9) Mon. 9:00 PM
Albany Metro SKYWARN Net 146.82 – (110.9) when needed  
Alford Memorial Radio Club 145.45 - Sun. 7:00 PM
Athens ARC Net 146.745 - Tues. 7:30 PM
Augusta ARC 10 M Net 28.368 Sun. 8:45 PM
Augusta ARC CW Net 28.17 Mon. 9:00 PM
Augusta ARC Net 145.49 - Daily 8:00 PM
Bibb Co ARES Net 146.805 or 443.075 + 2nd, 4th Thur. 9:00 PM
Bibb Co. ARES Relay Net 146.805 or 443.075 + Sun. 5:45 PM
Brown Bag Net 146.76 - Daily 12:00 PM
Bubba 28.44 Daily 9:00 PM
Camden Co. ARES 147.195 + (pl 118.8) Thur. 8:00 PM
Camden Co. ARS 147.195 + (pl 118.8) Sun. 9:00PM
Camden Co. ARS 10M Open Net 28.330 Thur. 8:00PM
Camden Co/Charlton Co. Homeland ARC 146.19 + when needed  
Central Georgia UHF Net 443.075, 444.425,
444.525, 444.700
Wed. 8:30 PM
Central Savannah River ARES Net 146.985 - Wed. 8:30 PM
Chattahoochee Valley Emergency Net 146.61 - Wed. 8:30 PM
Cherokee Co. ARES Net 443.075+ (PL 107.2). Mon. 8:00 PM
Cherokee Capital ARC Net 146.805 + Tues. 9:00 PM
Clarke Co. ARES Net 147.045+ Sat. 5:30 PM
Clarke Co. SKYWARN Net 146.745 - when needed  
Claxton ARES Net 147.075 + Tues. 8:30 PM
Coastal Amateur Radio Society 146.70 - Tues. 9:00 PM
Coastal Plains ARC (Ashburn) 147.285+ Tues., Wed 9:00 PM
Coweta Co. ARES Net 145.13 - Sun. 9:00 PM
Dalton ARC Net 145.23 - Sun. 9:30 PM
DeKalb Co. ARES Net 145.45 - Sun. 8:00 PM
Ellijay ARS 145.170 - Mon. 7:30 PM
Fayette Co. Repeater Assoc.Weekly VHF net 145.210- (pl 131.8) Tues. 9:00 PM
Flint ARC Net, Sun. sweet/Chula Tower Net 145.49 - Thur., Fri, Sat 9:00 PM
Four Rivers Amateur Radio Net 146.625 - Mon. 8:00 PM
Gwinnett Co. ARES/SKYWARN 147.075 + (pl 82.5) Mon. 9:00 PM
LaGrange Amateur Club 10m Net 28.337 Mon. 8:00 PM
LaGrange Amateur Club 2m Net 146.70- Mon. 9:00 PM
LaGrange Amateur Club YL Net 146.70- Tues. 8:00 PM
Lanierland Radio Club Net 146.67 - Wed. 8:30 PM
Liberty Co. Emergency Comm Assoc. 145.47 - Thur. 8:00 PM
Macon ARC Net 145.37 - Mon. 8:30 PM
Milledgeville ARC VHF Net 146.70 - Wed. 8:00 PM
Newton Co. Radio Club 146.925- (pl 88.5) Thur. 8:00 PM
North Fulton Technet 145.470- (pl 100) Mon. 8:30 PM
North Georgia EmergencyPreparedness Net 147.015 -
53.45, 224.94, 224.60, 147.585, 443.175
Thur. 9:00 PM
North Georgia Radio Club Net 146.955 - Sun. 7:30 PM
Okefenokee Radio Amateur Club 146.64 -(pl 141.3) Tues. 9:00 PM
Paulding/Douglas Co., Dallas, GA 146.955 – (pl 77) Thur. 7:30 PM
Pine Log Repeater Group 145.27 - Mon. 8:00 PM
Savannah ARC 146.64 - Tues. 9:00 PM
Savannah Simplex Net 147.555 Mon. 9:00 PM
Southeast Regional AmateurEmergency Net 147.00 - Sun. 8:00 PM
Southern Crescent ARC 146.715- (pl 146.2) Mon. 9:00 PM 
Southern Piedmont ARC Net 147.18 + Daily 9:00 PM
Spalding / Butts Emcomm Training Net 146.910- (pl 88.5) Sun. 4:45 PM
Spalding Co Emergency Service Net 145.39 - Thur. 8:30 PM
Statesboro ARS 147.105 + Tues. 8:00 PM
Sunsweet Chula Net (Cordele) 147.57 + Fri, Sat. 9:00 PM
SW District ARES Net 145.17 - (141.3) Thur. 9:00 PM
SW District Kid’s Net 145.17 - (141.3) Tues. 8:00 PM
Thomasville ARC (Club) Net 147.195 + (141.3) Thur. 8:00 PM
Toccoa ARS 145.25 – (pl 71.9) Tues. – Wed. 8:00 PM
12 Noon
Turnip Truck Net 146.76 - Sat., Sun. 12:00 AM
Walker Co. ARES Net 145.35 - Sat. 5:45 PM
Waycross Area Repeater 146.64 - Tues. 9:00 PM


Georgia Net Directory — 8 Comments

  1. I live in Waycross and am having difficulty locating a ARC. I’m new to amateur radio and just passed my General test and working on my Extra. Do you know where I might meet some other hams?

  2. kk4kha my name is Paul I’am new to ham radio and just got my first rig.looking for club and fregs in my state and area to get used to talking on I’am in Attapulgus ga.I would very much like any help.I only have a 2m radio. thank you and have a nice day.

  3. You chose a good time to ask this. Field Day is this weekend, June22-23. We’ll be at the Thomas County EOC and you are more than welcome to attend. Hope to see you there!

  4. KK4SGF and I am listed on the FCC ULS and QRZ sites by my first name but I am called Craig by my friends and family so I’ll leave that option up to ya’ll. I live in Albany and am also new to ham. Passed my Tech in June and my Genreal about a week ago July 23rd so I’m ready to meet more nice folks on HF. Right now I am on a borrowed HF radio and am looking to buy a used one in good condition that has 10 thru 160M if possible but since I work at the Marine Base here and am furloughed 4 days a month I’m sort of short on funds so I will take what I can get as long as the radio in in good working condition. Any help to a new hammer will be greatly appreciated. 73′s and hope to hear ya’ll out on the air soon!


  5. I wanted to add a 70cm net to the list.
    It’s the “East Coast 70cm NET” on Wednesday nights at 9pm on 432.090 SSB (Horizontal polarization). Net controls W4DEX, W4NUS, and W4VHH are all near Charlotte NC area. The net looks down toward Florida around 9:15, and Atlanta around 9:20pm. Check-ins most weeks cover from Orlando FL to Pennsylvania. The net has been going on since 1979 with over 1000 different stations checking in from 23 states. Net logs from recent sessions are posted on so you can see that this coverage is year round, no openings required. Dex also has a chat page ( under /UHFQSO on his website) active during the net to help them know to listen for the more distant stations and to let them tell folks when they are running later than normal to a given heading.
    Charles, K4CSO
    Southeastern VHF Society President

  6. Gateway ARC digital net. Wednesdays at 7pm
    Wednesday PSK31 Digital Net at 7 PM near 3583 kHz.
    Use USB mode on radio and look for the net at or near 1500 Hz on the waterfall display. The digital net will use PSK31 and other digital modes.

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