License Class Resources

The Thomasville Amateur Radio Club offers license classes for all three levels, Technician, General, and Extra. Please note that you must take these exams in that order . Class sessions are not yet scheduled but will be shortly. Check the club calendar for the exact dates.

As there is a lot of material to learn in just a couple of weekends, it is recommended to do some advanced study in order to prepare for the exams. Much of the material is rules and procedures that have to be memorized and we can’t teach that part of it.

Study guides we use in class are from ARRL, and are also available from Amazon. Make sure you are getting the latest version of the guide, as the question pools change from time to time. There are two publications, one is a Q & A book, the cheaper of the two. The more expensive book is called the License Manual. The club usually maintains an inventory of the guides and we pass the 20% instructor discount along so email if you are needing a guide.

There is a lot of material online to use for study and practice exams. Here are some of the better ones:

For online exam practice: (they will ask you to register first so they can keep track of the questions you’ve answered.) has flashcards, practice exams, and the entire question pools.

EHam also has practice exams.

Many people have passed the licensing exam without having to attend classes by using these online study resources. Make sure you are at a site where you are not served the same questions over and over. Usually if you are registered for the site they will keep track of this for you. If the site offers the entire question pool, go over all of it so you are not surprised by a question that you never saw on your practice tests.

A good rule of thumb is that if you are getting 85 to 90% on these practice tests consistently, you will most likely pass the licensing test.