Club Information and Membership

Club Membership

Single Member Dues - $20 per year
Family Dues - $25 per year (covers all family members)
Dues are pro-rated after June

Voluntary Repeater Dues
The suggested amount is $5 per month, or $60 annually.
The actual amount, higher or lower, is up to you, and again, this is a voluntary donation.

Dues may be paid at the meetings or submitted by mail.
If submitting by mail, please send your dues to us at

Thomasville Amateur Radio Club
PO BOX 6776
Thomasville, GA 31758

Officers for 2016 can be found on this page

Club Information

TARC is an active part of the communities we serve and we are proud that our membership includes “Hams” from a number of counties in South Georgia and North Florida, making us more of a regional group, than one confined to just one town.

We are affiliated with the ARRL and have been a “Special Service Club” for a number of years.

One of the hallmarks of our group is the close family atmosphere we strive to attain. We want our families to be comfortable in attending club functions, whether they are licensed or not. We work towards having fun in anything we do, and the number of family members who have also sought licenses indicate we are reaching the goal of having the entire family licensed, so they can also be part of the fun of Amateur Radio.

Our monthly meetings are usually on the first Saturday, barring holidays, and will be announced prior to each meeting on and on the calendar page.

We have close ties through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) with Emergency Management Authorities in 32 Southwest Georgia counties, and we stand ready to supplement local and statewide communications for them in times of emergency.

We offer both instructional classes twice a year, in February and August.  We also have a Volunteer Examiner Team, which offers test sessions regularly so that anyone wanting to test has access to a test session that is close by.

Many of our members also keep the “Elmer” tradition alive by making themselves available to any Hams, new or old, who need assistance in setting up antennas or complete stations.

The club has five voice repeaters, which are coordinated through SERA (South-East Repeater Association). They include the 147.06 machine, located at the FEMA facility, the 146.865 and 442.00 machines, both at the Thomas County EOC, the 147.24 machine located in Boston, and the 147.195 wide area repeater in Metcalf.

All our machines have 141.3 tones, with the exception of the 147.06 repeater, which has no tones.

We have also been given permission to use the 145.17 and 443.00 (PL-100.0) machines in Reno for club activities.

The Club newsletter, The Reflector is available on the Internet for anyone, member or non-member, to read and enjoy. You can find always find the current issue from the link at the top left of any website page.

By Laws

New club by-laws are pending.

The current membership roster is under revision and will be posted after the 2016 membership renewal period.